About us

Profil Match

Since 2002, we have worked closely with companies from all over Denmark to find the right temporary workers and recruitment solutions within warehouse, production, office & administration, and craftsmen.

We are specialized in uncovering and listening to your needs and expectations for a future new employee. Through a focused and professional recruitment process, we find the right candidate for the position.

Our starting point is that by aligning expectations with the company from the beginning and continuously updating on the progress of the recruitment process, we find the right employee for the position. Thus, assisting the company with this workload and its process.

The only recruitment agency you’ll ever need

The values of Profil Match

Our set of values is made up of three basic values which, depending on each other, align in a big circular movement. Our activities and services are based on the values of Happy Employees, Customer Satisfaction and A Good Business. Joy, smiles, and good humor are essential to us, which can be seen through our level of service and work effort every single day. With a solid customer database, we know that every need is different, and we find the best solution together.

Happy Employees

When we are happy and motivated, we have much better prerequisites for creating the best experience and the best solutions. We believe in it and that is how we work! We listen to and respect each other, and we are honest with each other. We laugh and we solve the tasks together.

We do not seek a meaning in our work – we are the meaning of our work.

Customer Satisfaction

Our joy and motivation are the cornerstones of our efforts to provide you with the best possible service and solutions. We listen to you, we respect you and are honest with you, we laugh with you and we solve your personal needs – and even more.

A Good Business

When you are happy, we have a good business. When we have a good business, we are happy. The full circle is thus achieved with an easy approach to smile, an understanding and acceptance of diversity, and a profound need to offer you the best solution.